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i think it is a brown plain with some damn pictures outside. it can explain everything. the plain can be anywhere and nowhere. The song from its engine so no voice. 9 faces from the pictures, so no head. Eyes are glasses windows. Brown is the color of the plain so it is brown by day and by night it is white because of the lights through the windows. Old by day maybe because it is really old, and by night the lights will make the plain look younger. Maybe it is some souvenir or toy in the room in game night.

P/s: my english is quite bad.

So what is the accurate answer?
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I agree that a lighthouse makes the most sense. Especially if it is a premodern lighthouse - lit by a flame that would be burned out during the day, leaving an old brown “wick”. A new “white” flame would be lit each night. The nine faces & glass eyes are the windows at the top (not sure why “nine” because I think 8 windows would make sense for shining in all cardinal directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, SE). The light would seem to be everywhere as it turns to shine in all directions, but if one tries to touch the light, it’s impossible! In a sense, it isn’t there! “Singing” to the sky without a voice is a metaphor for its shining light that moves through the sky, silently.

because the moon is always there but never close enough to touch but u cant always see it

Thanks so much I needed it
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Maybe that's the Apple computer they were looking at.😂

its a whiskey glass. it has 8 sides and a bottom, that can be used like a magnifying glass. its brown and old by day, and white and young by night. you drink whiskey during the day, the glass is newly made compared to the whiskey. it has no head because its a glass and it has no voice but you can make it sing by playing the edges. and it was a clue thats should be found inside the house of that game so its a household item.

If the moon is to be the answer, then how does the moon sing to the sky but then has no voice

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Hey I know this may sound crazy but I had this riddle when I was young and the answer was your grandfathers clock not any of those other amswers
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