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Even it was the moon... how would that make sense in the movie? How would they get to the moon for the next clue??

I agree it is the moon. The glass eyes are a reference to the "eyes" in the "man in the moon". The Sea of Rains and the Sea of Serenity are large circular valleys sometimes thought to be meteorite craters. If they were formed in meteorite strikes they would have rock melted to glass on their surface.

I am not sure about the "sings to the sky" part of this riddle. Anyone know of a cultural reference where the moon sings?

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Was just replying to this post in favour of the "moon" theory when I say your objection. So I re-watched the film looking for a moon. In the scene where they Sarah and Kevin are on the brother's office looking for a stapler, find a flash drive, and read this new riddle on the computer; guess what's on the shelf right behind them... a moon model. Well it looks like a silver globe of the moon but could also be some kind of a magnifying glass.

Oh... AND, I watched this on DVD (ikr) and disc has the image of a ski mask face done in black and silver!

What if it's death? Think about it. Brown and old by day (an elder) and white and young by night (a metaphor to the white skin coloured pigmentation of a dead body and it's rebirth as a soul/the young part). The fact that death has glass eyes it could be metaphorically refering to how death is impartial and comes to everyone therefore making 'glass eyes' towards everyone (or pehaps because the eyes are the mirror of your soul and some crap like that lol. Now as for the faces, this is where it gets trickier because, even though it might be a long shot, if you stick with me and still are reading this, just cope with the idea. So, what it makes this 9 faces tricky is that when you die, you go through 5 stages (the 5 stages of grief) but what if those 9 faces are beyond death and more declined to the living part? You born, you're a baby (1), you grow to be a teenager (2), then you become an adult (3) and then an elder (4) and from there, as you might be already speculating from my line of thought, after becoming an elder, the 5 stages of grief would follow, now leaving us with the 9 faces of death, living and let die. Last but not least, the singing to the sky with no voice, clearly (related to what i'm saying) the biblical metaphor of angels singing to the sky (heaven) wich easily related to death, i hope i dont have to explain this one to you nor the everywhere and nowhere part, because, well.. death is everywhere and nowhere LOL. Now you might be thinking, this KINDA does make sense, but not all elders are brown right? I'm just assuming brown would either be a conotation to either an English expression or an assossiation to the colour old things take (brownish) or even the fact that as we grow old our skin darkens slowly. You might be also thinking how much fun this little theory might be, even though its just that, a theory. But if you want, i can connect this funny theory to the scenes of the film. And so i shall. This riddle was supposed to lead the 2 characters somewhere in order for the game night to continue and eventually reach a mystery murder outcome right? The Key word here is murder. Remember that scene where the chick from Brooklyn 99 (great show btw) was "dead" and the dumb dude and the smart chick freaked the hell out (oops spoiler) well, when she "rose from the dead" she did tell them that she had return recently from another murder mystery party and didnt have time to clean her make up. What if the next clue was at a morgue? Let me know what you guys think
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Brown and old by day, white and young by night. My eyes are glass. I have 9 faces but no head. I sing to the sky but have no voice. I'm nowhere and everywhere


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I like the lighthouse idea but the nowhere but everywhere part gets me

It’s is the moon cause the moon is “brown and old by day” and it glows in the night such as “white and young by night” “I have glass eyes” is the reflection bouncing off and giving light to earth in the night “I have 9 faces” which are phases of the moon has “no head” cause there just adding in extra there,”sing to the sky but have no voice” the moon is apart of the sky but has no voice cause it’s a moon,”I’m no where” is cause outer space is nowhere “and everywhere” is all around earth-Nevaeh the 12y/o

How about the sun and nine planets? Sunglasses?

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In that case it refers to the fact that it shines everywhere(earth) but yet located in vacuum space which is nowhere..
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