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Wind chime
A Building
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Just saw the movie today, and I think it might be light. More specifically, a lightbulb.

Old and brown by day, young and white by night can refer to how you would usually use a bulb at night time, and most bulbs start out white at first and commonly turn brown as they burn and age, likely to be replaced in the day time.

My eyes are glass refers to how many bulbs used to be made of glass, before switching to a more plastic material. Likewise, light passes very easily through glass without damaging it, unlike pretty much anything else (outside of the movie, where apparently glass is indestructible).

I have 9 faces refers to how light is visible in 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and 2 "extras" based on mixing or taking away the colors (black and white). Obviously there is no head.

I sing to the sky but have no voice may refer to the humming of electrical light sources.

I am nowhere and everywhere could mean that it's so common you can find it even in the middle of nowhere, since pretty much everyone has access to light sources. Including all over the place in a normal house, or just outside on the street in the form of a streetlamp.

Lighthouse makes sense to me, if the Windows at the top are 9. But everywhere and nowhere? Hmmmm...

Is it a lighthouse? No

Eyes is the top No

Sings to the sky No

Building looks old during day, not at night No

Just not sure why 9 faces Because it's not a lighthouse.

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I dont know the answer, but i think a lot of these guesses and explanations dont have relevancy to actually being able to find an actual next clue. That's what I ask myself 1st when looking at an answer.

Also, for those that say the moon wouldn't have relevancy to find a clue, what was right above the computer?? A skylight, which would at some point would probably have the moon or moonlight gleam through.... i don't think it's the moon, but I'm not saying it's not

The moon isn’t brown during the day or old during the day and nine phases not faces so this can’t be right
An acid trip....
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It’s obviously Denzel Washington
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