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What if its light

I've been racking my mind and I've been guessing the moon. I do think that's correct. The 9 phases caught me immediately.

A new moon can't be seen. Gray the moon) and yellow (the sun) makes brown.. We can't see that. It's also old. It has to go through all its phases to become full. A full moon is white and young. As mentioned by another poster, it's thought the eyes are meteor strikes.. Which would create glass. The moon has 8 main phases BUT there is the blue moon. It's always rotating (singing I suppose but vague) with no voice. All phases and where/when you can see it... Everywhere and nowhere.

And as another poster said, there's a moon globe nearby as their trying to figure it out on the desktop.

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The moon

I was going to say Big Been, hut the only things that doesn't make sense is the 9 faces. Only has 4. And it's not nowhere and everywhere (like, say the moon).t

That was my first guessg but seems way to off base. It doesn't sing? It's not really brown during the day either, but you could stretch that?

I hate that I can't find an answer!

The solar system

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I wanted to try to figure this out as well. So here's what I came up with if you use Big Ben as an example, it's kind of brown and old by day, then when it's lit up at night it's kind of young and white. A clock tower faces are made of glass so may be construed as eyes. Like the faces of a clock it has four faces, then it sings to the sky when it Chimes but it doesn't have a voice. And then if you think of just a clock in general, clocks are everywhere, but nowhere really specific. I don't know, you kind of have to reach on some of them for sure. And then you have to figure out if they are referring 2 maybe a mobile clock. I don't know, but that's the closest I could get spending a couple minutes on it.

Wldnt the 9 faces b the glass mirrors that the light reflects off of?

Radio telescope on the moon

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Radio telescope on the moon

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