Ok so i am a member on another site and this was given and i need help. he found the sun with a lightbulb and now he worships Edison

Think of the riddle as a question, the answer is going to be a word or a relatively short phrase in which "he" is conceptually identified. That is a clue.

Some people have guessed although he isnt going to tell us if we are right or wrong yet but anyone who has an idea please post here.

O and its from his imagination. It has nothing to do with clutural references like bands or song titles.
I thought of us all. The man.
The man found the sun with a lightbulb (at night there was no sun, the man found then the lightbulb, a new artificial sun), and now we all worship Edison, the one who invented our new electric sun.
I think it's a reasonable guess, after all... maybe there are others.
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you see that what i thought and said but he hasnt commented if its right or wrong yet so anyone else who has something to please share.
anyone else have anything?
> anyone else have anything?

There might be no other choices, what others can know 'sun', 'lightbulb' and 'edison' in all?
Edison's dog?
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