What question can you never answer "yes" to?
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I can think of 2 answers.
1. Grammatically, the question you asked in your post.

2. In reality, any question that someone addresses to you when you are dead.
'Hi Tom, sorry you are dead. Do you like being dead?'

If you are answering honestly, and not sarcastically, then:
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I disagree. People often ask me if I am asleep and I answer YES.
the answer is "are you asleep?" but i suppose the same could be said of "are you dead?" and i also answer questions when im woken up

strangly when i was woken this morning, i apparently said "you cant call that an army!" then i was asked why and i said "because their all dead, they wont capture moscow like that!"

what i was dreaming i dont know!
Once, when I was babysitting, the child was having a nightmare so I woke her up and she told me...
"I can't drink the food?"
When i asked her why, she said...
"Because the straws aren't wide enough!"

Has anybody else had any strange experiences/utterences on waking up?
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Are you dead?
lol @ nightmares

somtimes i say wierd things when im woken up...
There are thousands of answers!

What is your name? (I doubt that there are many people named yes)

What does n-o spell?

What's that?

What is the opposite of yes?

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