U saw a shirt for 97.00, and since you don't have enough cash, you borrowed 50.00 from your mother and 50.00 from your father which will give you 100.11. Since the shirt is 97.00 that will give you 3.00 change which you give 1.00 to your mother and 1.00 to your father and keep the other 1.00 to yourself. You now owe your mother and father both 49.00 which means 49.00 + 49.00 = 98.00 plus the 1.00 you kept for yourself gives you a total of 99.00. Where's the missing 1.00?
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This is a riddle that is asked in lots of different forms and is always leaving that unit. It is only a riddle because of the way it is presented. It's all in the wording.
Dear Anon

In the course of my life I have tried to explain this puzzle a number of times but I've never managed to get anyone to say "Oh, I see!"

The problem lies with the phrase "plus the 1.00" in the last but one sentence. Why are you adding the 1.00 to the money that you still owe your mother and father? Of the money you owe them, that is the 1.00 that you don't have to worry about. It's the other 97 that you have to worry about: you should be subtracting the 1.00 from the 98

So the last two sentences could be replaced by something like..

I owe my mother and father 49 + 49 = 98; however, I've kept back 1.00 so I only have to find 97. The money I now have to find is exactly equal to the money I would have paid if I'd had enough cash in the first place - no surprise there!

It is only if you make that addition of 1.00 - for no arithmetic reason - that you end up with a mysteriously missing 1.00

As said, no one finds this a satisfying answer but, arithmetically, that's how it works..

Best regards, Dave Emotion: smile
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Lets arrange it by flows into your pocket:

Borrowed from Mom: +50

Borrowed from Dad: +50

Total borrowed: +100

Paid for Shirt: -97

Repaid Mom: -1

Repaid Dad: -1

Total (re)paid: -99

The difference is (i.e, the missing 1.00)
you owe each of your parents $1.50... reason: each of them owns half of the dollar that you have kept as well as the $49 that you owe for the shirt...
KNOW WHAT YOU OWE, AND KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD RETURN!!! My explanation to the $97 shirt problem.

Let us say you returned $2 to your dad and $1 to your mum. You then owe them $48 and $49 respectively. Add the amount you owe and it equals the amount you paid for the shirt, which is $97. Nothing is wrong here.

By returning $1 each to you parents will result in the situation where you owe them $49 each, which sums up to $98. In other words, you would now be considered to have borrowed $49 from each of you parents, borrowing a total of $98 and keeping the change of that $1.

In simple terms...
Total borrowed: $98 ($49 from Dad and $49 from Mum)
Shirt bought: $97
Change: 98-97=$1

Both explanations to this problem shows that there is no mathematical error.
Math has no problems, the question has...

We first look at 2 approved statements (comment if its not)...

Statement One, in the case where you return after purchase: $100-$97=$3 ($97 being used, 3=2+1; $2 being the first return and $1 being unused)

Statement Two, in the case where you purchase after return: $100-$2=$98 ($2 being the first return, 98=1+97; $1 being unused and $97 being used)

What you should return to your mum and dad should combine of these 3 components: Used, Unused, and the first return.

However, the question contradicts both statements, look: $98+$1=$99 (The question does not indicate what exactly you owe to both your mum and dad. and in fact there is no missing dollar, because if $98 is the sum of the unused and used, why is there a need to return another unused $1? In conclusion the phrase "plus the $1 you kept" is an incorrect statement)

Hope this enlightens, Cheers!
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Your confusing the debt that was repaid with the amount that was paid for the shirt. It should look more like this

Borrowed from Mom: +50
Borrowed from Dad: +50
Total borrowed: +100
Repaid Mom: -1
Repaid Dad: -1

Total (re)paid: -2

Piad for shirt 97
total kept 1

total still owe -98

-98+-2 =-100
After seeing your explanation I actually did say "oh i see"!
after reading all these explanations it makes sense but when I try and explain it to someone I cant make it make sense. very frustrating lol
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