First clue:
Can you crack the code?
The answer is indeed stylish.
Everyone can solve this puzzle.
Except for a spiv.
Really, it isn't so hard.
I hope this thread doesn't cause a fiasco.
Lightning doesn't strike twice, right?
You are running out of time.
Time is of the essence.

Is there some sort of pattern here
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Bit racist if anything...spiv!!?
How is "spiv" racist? Do you even know what it means?
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Spiv is a word describing people in the first and Second World War who denied to fight for a cause they didn't believe in, during the 1950 - 60's in the uk it became a term to ostracise perticylar Jews and Indians who escaped their home (war zones) because they denied to fight.
No it's not. Look it up.
What are you talking would make sense if I knew where you are. But words take on different meanings wherever you are, and what your environmental or social factors are...but I know how it feels being bullied as a kid beeing told your a spiv!

It's a racial slur dating back literally centuries.
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Ohh now I understand...Wikipedia!!! Then it has to be true lol there's a page on there saying God exists.....come on haha
I didn't need to look there to see what "spiv" means. I simply referred you to it so you could see what a spiv is, and that it has nothing to do with being Jewish or Indian. If you prefer, here's another link for you to check:
If someone called you a spiv they probably had no more idea of what it meant than you did.
A person 'known for disreputable dealings' is the point that jumped out at me....and that can be used in many ways, and has been used to describe racial groups again and again...such as 'tea-leaf' meaning a casual term my grandparents might have used to describe a young black person from a disreputable background...not because of the colour of their skin but the environment they find themselves in and the 'steriotype' we place on people because of their creed, race, class, wage or education.....any factor that can be scrutinised to subjectify someones personaly and actions. Language is a tricky thing. I know for a fact 'spiv' means what I know it means, and I also know that it is a term used to describe well dressed fraudsters...but those two are one in the same thing.
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