A man was captured and was offered byy 2 choice:
1. To be killed by a shot (needle)
2. To choose 1 of the 3 chambers and survive for 1 day with food or water, he'll be free.

He choose the 3 chambers...
They told him that-
In the first chamber, there are fifteen hundred cobras waiting that haven't been fed for 5 years.
In the second, the ground is full of land mines.
In the third, the air is full of poison.

The man chose one of the chamber and lived. Which did he chose and how did he lived?
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I think he chose the first one cos if the cobras haven't been fed for 5 years, they probably didn't have anything to eat so it means they were probably dead since cobras can't live 5 years without food. And so the man could survive the day really safely. Am I right? Emotion: smile
dude you jus ruin the riddle...yup thats it
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Lol. I'm the winneeer! (Sorry for ruining your riddle.) Emotion: big smile Emotion: big smile Emotion: big smile
I assume he can survive in the second chamber as well. As long as he is not fond of taking strolls.
actually not really....cuz you cant go on for 5 days not sleeping and not move an inch. soo...yea

oh hey im gonna change my user to Chaos_Azn_Prince...jus to make it match with my email and screenname....soo look forward to Chaos_Azn_Prince for more riddles and puzzles.
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oh and i post a riddle once every 2-3 weeks soooo yea...but i might change my opinion and post another da next though sooo....actually i depends on the mood of my sista. If shes crazy happy, ill post 1 per week, happy 1 per 2 weeks, ok 1 per 3 weeks, and if shes in a bad mood...well then your not gonna get 1 for a while.
number 0ne, snakes don't eat meat
the 3rd chamber has food and water in it
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