Wow! I feel so influential! You actually made a riddle and games forum!
Here's a riddle to get us started. Since it's fairly well known, you may have heard it before, and if you have, don't spoil it for everyone else. If you haven't, guess away:

What does man love more than life
Fear more than death or mortal strife
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves
And all men carry to their graves?
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Oohh, tricky one. What do I love more than life and fear more than death? For me, life is the most important gift and I don't wanna die too early... I am really poor, but I have a lot of things, but more importanty I'm alive. If I were rich, then I won't ask for more money, unless... I dunno. I guess as there is nothing more important than life. I dunno, I'll mull over this more and guess later.
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Yes, nothing.
Wow! I think you guys got it 'Nothing' (hehehe, this was a good idea!)
Yup yup, that's right!

Here's another one:

When I am filled
I can point the way,
When I am empty
Nothing moves me,
I have two skins
One without and one within.
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My head. When I am filled with crap in my brain, I point at people. If it's empty, I'm like whatever. It has two skins, one is the skin protecting it, the other are the Blogger skins I've just looked. Hehe, j/k.
Got it, I think. Glove. Hand is the other skin when you put in a glove. Glove is sort of like the outer skin. It can point when there's a hand in it, otherwise, it's not in motion.
Good job Jacko!. Your are really good at them.
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