What does "the right" mean?

Whoever has so far formed his taste, as to be able to relish and feel the beauties of the great masters, has gone a great way in his study; merely from a conscientiousness of his relish of [size=18]the right[/size], the mind swells with an inward pride, and is almost as powerfully affected, as if it had itself produced what it admired. Our hearts , frequently warmed in this manner by the contact of those whom we wish to resemble, will undoubtedly catch something of their way of thinking; and we shall receive in our own bosoms some radiation at least of their fire and splendour. That disposition, which is so strong in children, still continues with us, of catching involuntarily the general air and manner of those with whom we are most conversant.
"the right" = "that which is good, proper, fitting, correct"

Such a person recognizes his own ability to appreciate "the right" in the works of the masters.
What does "recognize" mean? Recognize = appreciate?

Such a person recognizes his own ability to appreciate "the right" in the works of the masters


Such a person appreciates his own ability to appreciate "the right" in the works of the masters?
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'Conscientiousness' should probably be 'consciousness' in this extract.
The author wishes to say the words 'the right' in bold where you see Text goes here or in font size 18 with the use of the size tag. This is HTML usage and if text is copied from a website and pasted to a editor that does not support HTML (like notepad), the HTML code is written as it is; and hence the problem.

I am having to write the tags in square brackets instead of the regular tags to prevent them from being treated as actual tags.

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'recognize' and 'appreciate' are different.

Such a person sees / understands / knows that he has the ability to value "the right" (what is good and proper) in the works of the masters.

"recognize" is to come to know (often in an instant).
"appreciate" is to value or to see / understand the value in (something).

You recognize the face of a classmate.
You see someone in the distance. You don't recognize him. He comes closer. Ah! Now you know who it is. You have recognized him.
You practice swimming for many years. You become very good at it. Your coach wants you to enter a big swimming competition because he recognizes your ability to swim.

You may go to a concert because you appreciate music.
You thank someone for helping you because you appreciate what they have done.
You might go to a swim meet because you appreciate athletic ability.
If you were traveling in a foreign country, you might appreciate seeing signs in your own native language.

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