How do you make out if a child is right- or left-handed when he has just started using his hands? I can tell you that in countries like India and countries in the middle-east (as I've heard from some of my friends), left-handedness is generally not encouraged.

When I was young, my mother would slap my left hand whenever I tried to grab something by that hand, especially in temples since it was considered inauspicious and unclean. Thanks to her repeated efforts, I'm mostly right-handed now, but I still have a tendency to use my left hand for certain activities which I learned later in my life. We used to give one of our left-handed classmates a strange look, which I now realize was wrong, as if he were some weirdo whenever he used his left hand.

My question is, do we have a "natural" handedness or is it possible to build any handedness in a child? If natural handedness exists and a person's handedness is changed as it's not in accordance with the social norms, can it have an adverse impact on his innate qualities? Please let me know your thoughts.
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Dear Elviajero,

Left-handedness is genetic.

Best wishes,
I am agree with Goldmund.

Another point is that lefthanded children are smarter. I think this possibly due to human brain formation. Human brain divided into 2 main compartments. The left brain mainly dealing with logic and controlling the right parts of human body meanwhile right brain is dealing with a more complex task and controlling the left parts of human body. However in some cases like face identification, our two compartments brain will work together (There is no need to scan for the different components of the face like nose, ear etc. as the brain will identify the face as single unit).

So, in this regards, I would like to consider that you are among the luckiest guys in the world. Do you know that Einstein is left-handed?

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Yes, I think you are born left- or right-handed. But sometimes you have to learn to switch that ability.
My daughter had an accident when she was 4, right at the time when she was learning how to write. She was right-handed, but following that accident, her right arm was paralyzed for about 2 years. So, she had to learn to use her left hand for about everything. Now she's OK, but she uses both hands: for example, she plays tennis with her left arm/hand, but writes with the right hand.
I also think handedness is genetic. I have never considered left-handedness a thing that needs correction but I know that many societies do. I've read, however, that it is wrong to change that in children because it has psychological complications.

And I've always believed left-handed people are more creative, and as jmanggah mentioned, the right half of the brain controls the left part of the body and is responsible for arts and humanities. Probably right-handed people are more mathematically and logically-oriented.
Maybe I should have been born left-handed. I must be a genetical glitch Emotion: crying
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I'm a left handed, a strict left handed. I read an article about left handed people. According to it, if left handed people draw a circle anti-clockwisely (namely from left to right), they are strict left handed.

My primary school teacher tried to enforce me to write by right hand a few times but after she noticed that i don't consider her, she abandoned her effort.

In another article that i read, enforcing left handed children about writing by right hand causes some physicological (It is difficult to write correctlyEmotion: smile ) issues. Therefore, stop enforcing us. We don't want to use our right hand Emotion: stick out tongue
uykusuz, you are right. I am truly agreed with you. The left-handers shall be freely allow to use their left-hand.

Message to Inventor: always think of the left-handers when you inventing a new products. Left-handers products shall be easily available as right-handers product (example golf clubs etc.)
Funny, for the few left-handed men I've met were more mathematicians than artists...
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