Go there right now = Go there right away. ?

That means right now and right away have the same meaning and interchangeable. Right?

If not, how to distinguish them?

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To my ear there is a very, very slight difference.
If I say I'll do something right away, I'll probably do it somewhat later than if I say I'll do it right now.

To me, right now is absolutely immediately.
Right away is almost as soon as right now. It is as soon as I can possibly do it, which may be right now, and may be in a short while.

I agree with CJ here.
Indeed, right away is ASAP, but not necessarily now (it could be now).
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You could also consider the past -

When I received your request last Wednesday, I mailed the package to you right away.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks, Clive. I completely neglected to mention that right now doesn't work in the past tense.

In past time, right away and right now have the same meaning, absolutely.


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Wrong. You can't say:

My wife called me to dinner, and I went right now.

It has to be: I went right away.

Sorry, I mean:

In present: Right away (as soon as possible,not necessarily now ) # right now (absolutely immediately)

In past: Right away means as soon as possible or absolutely immediately?

In the past right away means the same as in the present -- as soon as it is/was possible.

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