P.S=Professional athlete


P.S: Now which do you like better golf or tennis?
Which one do you prefer?
Boy: I don't know which I prefer, which I like better.
I'm good at playing both of them.
P.S: Hey, right on! Ha, ha, ha. What about team sports?
Boy: Team sports?
P.S: Yeah, you know a team. All these guys play in a team;
they're all members of a soccer team.
Boy: Oh, really?
P.S: Yeah. I bet you'd enjoy being a member of a soccer team.
Boy: Oh, oh, right on! Ha, ha, ha.
P.S: Yeah, right on! Ha, ha, ha.


What does "right on!" mean?

Thank you


It is dated slang. It was popular in the 1960s and 70s and seemed to me to have arisen among the US black people. James Brown used it to good effect in his landmark 1970 song "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine". What he meant by it seems to have been its principal meaning of "your conduct conforms to the self-evident principles that I myself live by, and I applaud that and encourage you to persist", similar to "hear, hear" or "attaboy". It was often accompanied by a raised fist—upper arm out to the side and elbow bent straight up with the palm of the fist toward the viewer. Its definition is nebulous, as with all slang. In this case it seems to have one of its other principal meanings, "I heartily agree."

Thank you so much, anonymous