All such talks shows/reveals how much right/rights you have on me.

Is the above sentence ok? Which one of the bold ones should be used?
Your intended meaning for the expression, "how much right( s ) you have on me" is not clear.
Could you explain what you're talking about?

Are you suggesting that the other person has more rights than you have?

In the first section, use "All such talk shows/reveals etc." OR "All such talks show/reveal etc."

If you're talking about specific rights (the right to do A and the right to do B), then you'd say, "You have more rights than I do."

There's nothing with the expression, "You have X on me." Eg., You have twenty pounds on me. (You're twenty pounds heavier than I am.)
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Thanks Mr. Avangi..

To be more clear. What I meant is the "'right' which comes out of closeness. Please suggest me an appropriate word for that.
For eg.. If we scold our loved ones.. its only because we have a right/rights on them, that which we got from the the love we have for them.

Please also suggest is it 'right/rights'

Thanks in advance
I'll have to think about it.

If someone who is close to us rebuffs our advice, we do say, "I have a right to tell you what I think," or something like that.

We might also say, "I've earned the right to tell you what I think about your behavior."

We would definitely not use the plural.