My co-worker used this sentence "I will no longer be using this email address." and our boss pointed out that it wass grammatically incorrect. Is it? I'm curious because I also use this sentence structure quite often (e.g. I will no longer be working on this project" or "I will no longer be eating chocolate for the rest of my life.")

Please enlighten me. I know the sentence can be simplified but is the sentence really gramatically incorrect?
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It doesn't seem ungrammatical to me.

Best wishes, Clive
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Can you give us any details as to why it was supposed to be incorrect? It seems fine to me.

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I'm not really sure what! That's why I had to post in this forum. I wasn't there when our boss pointed this out to my co-worker. My co-worker just told me about it and it's driving me nuts! Hehe! I just wanted to find out if it was really gramatically incorrect. My instinct tells me it's correct and I've asked a few people who agreed it sounded okay.

So maybe it was just a freak incident.

Thank you for your responses though. My theory is my boss probably does not like using "be." There are some who prefer making sentences straight to the point, i.e. "I will not use this email address any longer."
"I will no longer be using this email address"

it's correct if you want to show that the thing is already planned and extending over a period in the future. It's better to use the continuous in this case, and this needs the be.

The alternative:

"I will no longer use this email address"

seems to indicate to some that there's less planning to it, and that it shows just the decision.
Okay, interesting. At least now I know it's correct. I thought my grammatical skills were not up to par.

Thank you all!
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I know this is an old post but the correct way to write the sentence is "I will no longer use this email address". Thanks

Please be informed that, I will no longer be using this number starting next week. Is it correct?

anonymousIs it correct?

No, but if you remove the comma, it will be OK.


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