1. The area was sealed off and (ring) by the police

That is the question asking to correct the verb in the brackets.

When I saw it I thought the correct form is rung because it is the past participle of ring.

The correct verb(or an adjective?), however, is ringed.

Is 'ringed' nothing to do with the verb ring?
In this case it has to do with "ring" being used as "create a border around" or "surround". In this case we use "ringed" instead of "rung": "Dark circles ringed his eyes. He had been up for three days, but still the infernal glow kept him from sleep."
The verb "ring" has two meanings, and they are treated differently.

When you ring a bell, it's ring/rang/rung.

When you form a circle around something, it's ring/ringed/ringed.

Compare definitions 2 and 3 here: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ring
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The answer would be rung or rang, ringed would only be used for somthing like

example: the fire was ringed around the base of the tree, or

example: the bell rang for school time.

But there are also there are two ways to put it. I think that the question is asking for ringed as in the first example.

Ringed couldn't be used instead of rung or rang.

For words like rob it would still turn into robbed.


Phillipa Ingles

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