Road car = ?
Track car = ?
track times = ?

Reviews generally say the STi is a better road car (the American version has a 2.5L engine), while the EVO is the better track car (doesn't suffer as badly from oversteer as the STi does). For every version worldwide, there's a respective competitor, except for the FQ400, which most people wouldn't even want to drive, not to mention it costs a lot of money.

In terms of reliability, I wouldn't trust Mitsubishi to build me a bicycle, let alone a high performance car. The STi, on the other hand, seems to be holding up well. The US model has a few 500+ hp versions of it out there, and some of the Jap spec cars have put down track times (the Spec C in particular) that are closer to Porsche's than Evos.
The STi is a better car for driving on the roads.
The EVO is a better car for driving on the (race) track.
Some Jap spec cars have done fast times on the track.

Drive carefully!
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