a big road show

What is a road show?


If a company travels around a country in order to show its new products or show new features of their products than this is called a road show (at least that's the meaning I'm familiar with)
It depends on what context you have, there are several meanings. Have a look at these links:

1) A promotional effort, usually in connection with securities sales. Underwriters and an issuer's executive officers may tour key cities to meet with invited guests to provide information about the issuer and its pending offering. Road shows are also sometimes conducted in connection with proxy proposals.


2) Also called the 'Dog and Pony Show'. A tour taken by a company preparing for an IPO in order to attract interest in its securities. Attended by potential buyers, including institutional investors, analysts, and money managers by invitation only. Members of the media are forbidden to attend.

3) A marketing presentation by an issuer of securities to potential buyers to promote the investment of these securities, usually as part of an initial public offering.

4) A series of meetings with potential investors in key cities, designed and performed by a company and its investment banker as the company prepares to go public.

5) Major marketing event where a company's management presents the company at investor presentations and or investor meetings at selected locations (often at major investors' domiciles and or financial centres) for instance in connection with an issue of securities or the publication of the announcement of results of a listed company. See also one-on-one meeting. Click here to view Danisco's IR activities.

6) A series of meetings with potential investors and brokers, conducted by a company which is preparing for its IPO. These meetings usually take place in several locations throughout major cities.

7) A tour by a company’s executives during the waiting period, for the purpose of making presentation to analysts and underwriters

8) The promotional activities to generate interest in a new offering.

9) a show on tour

Hope it helps.
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Hi all,

So a 'road show' always associated with business and traveling.

If a person runs for the president of a country. They are traveling around for winning the election. Would it be called a road show? What would you call it if it is not a road show?

Thanks for the replies.
No, I wouldn't call that a 'road show'. Here in Australia, we would probably just say 'the president is touring the country'.
Well, I suppose it could be called a pre-election tour, in the framework of a pre-election campaign. May be "a pre-election road show" makes sense too in this context.
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On a tangent, when you are getting impatient and want someone to hurry up, you can use the slang expression, "Come on! Let's get this show on the road!" (AmE)

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