Hey, I have to do a research paper on Robert Browning. I suck at writing so I really need help. I can do most of it I just can't find anything on number 2 and 3 that I can understand.

What I need. This is directly from the sheet my teacher gave me.

1. Literary Movement or Group. Time frame and Characteristics.

2. Thems/Topics of Poems.

3. Characteristics of poems. Form, favorite images, diction, figurative language, rhyme schemes, etc.

4.What all did he write? What kinds of poems? Names of books of poetry? Honors?

5.Most Famous Piece. Description. Ananlysis.
Hi Anonymous

I wil write the themes I know. The role of the artist in poems like "Fra Lippo Lippi",man versus the world like "Life in Love" and Orientalism as in"Muleykeh".

sorry but this is only what I remamber
I know that he is the husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she is also a poet - (How I love thee Let me count the ways).

They more famous because they were writing these love letters to each other. A famous one would be The last dutchess