There are parties thrown by various people and groups who funded or supported the President's electoral campaign. The President goes to each of the parties and says a few words. Rock The Vote MTV had been a significant contributor and they were staging the hippiest and hardest to get into party, so we went to that.

1. I know what "Rock The Vote" is, but why MTV? I don't get this combination.

2. I also do not get the part that they were "staging...." Maybe it means that at that party the best bands played.....
1. Why MTV? I don't know. Years ago, they started an effort just to get more voters out because more kids were watching MTV than other TV channels. I think they just wanted to show how they could use their power and influence. I'm not sure how they are doing currently, but I'm pretty sure they are nowhere near as popular as they were back when they played music videos.

2. staging just means arranging and organizing. You can stage a party, a parade, and many other events.

So is says that there was a campaign led by MTV which was called Rock The Vote and they were organizing the best parties (hippiest and hardest).....