It's a description of a witch's cottage. How it looks outside.

The Witch’s cottage lay at the edge of the forest, where luxuriant brush, wild herbs and brambles formed a dense maze among ancient oaks and pines.

A wooden bucket swung in the stone well, which was amply guarded against contamination by the deeply carved stars and spirals surrounding it.

A dragon, one clawed paw upraised, flew above the house, twisting with the wind as it rode a wrought-iron arrow. The weathervane guided the enchantress living in the cottage in matters ranging from timing spells to divining the future.

1. Does it mean that there was a dragon above the house. It had one paw upraised and was riding a wrought-iron arrow which was twisting in the wind?

2. I'm not sure I understand the phrase "timing spells". Does "timing" mean "chosen"? So it means "chosen spells"?

NewguestDoes it mean that there was a dragon above the house.
Not a literal dragon. The story is talking about a weather vane in the shape of a dragon.

"timing spells" presumably means measuring the time required for a spell to take effect or for some other purpose. I have no idea how a weather vane could help in timing spells.

A timing spell is one that will one only work if it is cast at the correct time

Usuallly this will refer to a phase of the moon or a day of the week. However, it might refer to a time when the wind is blowing in the right direction

So, if you had a timing spell for when the wind was blowing from the east, you would need to check your weather vane

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I see. Thanks.
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