Hello guys and gals!

I need your opinions…

What do you thing of romance relationship with difference religion?

Will it be a problem for you when you’re going to get into the next step of marriage?
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It would never be a problem with me. Nor with my family.

But there might be a problem in thr parter's surrounding. You should find it out first
Obviously, there is no problem if lovers hold different religions. However, in my country, it's quite tough if they decide to get married. Then, one of them has to abort his/her current religion and starts holding the religion of his/her sweetheart. The problem here mostly comes from his/her family who hardly accept it. However, regardless of the protest of the family, some couples decide to run away from their families and get married at a distance place and dont come back.
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I think a lot depends on their cultures and where they live rather than their religions.

In some countries and cultures it doesn't matter at all.

In other countries and cultures it is unthinkable (or even illegal?).
Nona The BritIn other countries and cultures it is unthinkable (or even illegal?).
Right, Nona. In some countries you're liable to get killed if you marry the wrong person.
Who would kill you, Cool Breeze?Emotion: surprise
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LOL - Pucca, I thought you had written "Who would marry you," and I was thinking "Well, that's not a very kind thing to say!" I'm glad I read it again!

(P.S. - I'm a Protestant and both my first husband and second (or last!) husband are Jewish.)
LOL, Barb, I'm not that rude!:P

I just don't understand why you've got to kill someone just because that person loves another one who is not from the same religion or culture, it's so unfair..
PuccaWho would kill you, Cool Breeze?Emotion: surprise
Pucca, I can't think of anyone that might want to kill me at the moment, but there has occurred such a killing in Finland's neighbouring Sweden, for example. Some immigrants who represent a "peaceful" religion are adamantly opposed to their daughters' marrying Swedes, who have the wrong faith.

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