hey everyone
I am a high school student in an ap english class and we have an assignment where we have to take each act from Romeo and Juliet and write a 10 line blank verse poem that has to include iambic pentameter. The poem is to be written from the point of view of either Romeo or Juliet as if they are looking back on thier life as a ghost knowing that it will all end in tragedy. This is the first act's poem and i need someone to check and make sure that it is in iambic pentameter if they wouldn't mind. Thankyou so much!!!

So cruel he was to make me wed that man
I knew him not I was afraid my hand
He gave permission was not I asked weep
Oh I wept true love found not I cried my
My nurse was there and oh she begged a chance
A chance true love a chance she held my hand
The guests arrived and left was I to deal
My mother gone without a single thought
She laughs my nurse she laughs the same joke so
not funny anymore so sick of her

Thankyou to anyone who is willing,
I have changed it to cast it into iambic pentameter. It makes as much sense now as your original did, which was not much:

So cruel he was to make me wed that man.
I knew him not, and so I feared his hand.
He gave permission and ignored my cries.
Oh, though I wept, true love found not my tears.
My nurse was there, and oh, she begged a chance,
A chance for love, just one. She held my hand.
The guests arrived, and I was left to cope,
My mother gone without a single thought.
She laughs, my nurse, she laughs. The same joke is
not funny anymore-- I'm sick of her!
dont you need 14 lines?
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The instruction from the original poster's teacher: 'write a 10 line blank verse poem'
we have to do the same in our class except we have to do the abab cdcd efef gg thing and it has to rhyme. it can also be about anything that has to do about romeo and juliet. im doing mine over a woman who loved tybalt. she was waiting for him on a date and he nevers shows up because hes dead and she freaks like juliet did when juliet found out romeo was banished. i dont know how to help you, but i know how you feel. sorry. :/