I've seen in many occastions where it is given as RSPV at the end of the invitation. I'm eager to know what does it mean?

Here is a blog post that dives into the details: https://www.englishforums.com/blog/what-does-rsvp-mean/

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They are the initials for a French phrase that means "Please respond." It means that you are being requested to let the person hosting an event whether or not you will be coming.
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what is the french term? Let me also know?
répondez s'il vous plaît

RSVP means that they want you to repond to an invitation, not just if you are coming, but also to let them know if you are not.
Thanks Nona! Is there not a similar term in English to convey the same meaning?
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We use "RSVP" quite often. In very formal situations, we may say something like "The favor of a reply is requested." But that would look ridiculous on a child's birthday party invite, for example. We also use RSVP as a noun (however improper this may be) by saying things like "I've only gotten three RSVP's so far" or "Jen, I didn't get your RSVP." Although RSPV can be used on invitations in business settings, using it like a noun is extremely INformal and would only be done in conversation, not in writing. In writing, you would say "your response."

If you only want to know if the person will NOT be attending, you say "Regrets only." (That means the host will assume you ARE coming unless you call to say that you are NOT coming.)
Thanks Grammar Geek... I got the meaning...

I reached your query when i was searching for the same thing and coincidently, i had made the same mistake of mis- spelling it RSPV.

The actual abbreviation found on an invitation is,RSVP. and comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond".


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Really good explination
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