Hi there!

I'd like to learn the best way to express you feel good/bad with someone

To start with this is what I know so far from listening in different contexts

(1) If bad: He rubs me the wrong way

(2) If good: I get along (***) with him; He has my number(***)

As for (1) I heard it to a boy quite annoyed with another one so I deduce it must be strong; I'd like to confirm it and if so what is the mild form to express it

(2) I don't know if well is necessary in[*]or it's intrinsic within "get along"
I heard (***) ia a song deducing it could mean that but don't know if it's very common...
Any other alternative for (2)
(1) 'He rubs me the wrong way' -- means that he constantly seems to be doing or saying something opposed to my way of thinking or behaving. It is not particularly strong; it is what we say when we meet someone who just seems to irritate us for no definable reason and without malice. 'He irritates me', 'I can't get along with him'.

(2) 'I get along (well) with him' -- the 'well' is not necessary, but is used for emphasis. The phrase means that we have a good relationship, we share ways of thinking and behaving, or our personalities are complementary. 'We relate well', 'we are copacetic'.

(3) 'He has my number' -- this means that he knows how I think and knows how to control my reactions, or that he knows the 'real facts' about me. It suggests a position of power over me, and is not related to (1) and (2).
You can also say: we hit it off.
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Thanks MrMiCawber for your knowledgable explanations above.
As for julielai's alternative expression "We hit it off" (which I can't find in the dictionary), does it mean "We get or can't get along with one another"?? is it slang/colloquial?
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"Hit it off" means "Get along". It's a slang/colloquial.