All Blacks 36 England 3

How is that for a thrashing? And England are supposed to be the World Champions? They were fortunate that we didn't meet them in the final of the World Cup last year. This win takes us to the top of the IRB ranking. The NZ All Blacks are now NUMBER ONE in the world.

Sorry, I just had to express my joy!Emotion: smile
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Totally with ya - though a late entry on this forum. I'm right in the middle of watching - or should i say watch the bbc sport updates as they play their second match...


Another win for The All Blacks.

All Blacks 36 England 12

Need I say more....
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Emotion: dog[:^)] Henry must confident for the tri-nations.. he's giving a new look team a run this week against the pumas. Perhaps he's worried about the complacency that has done them in before. Emotion: embarrassed
I think that's the All Blacks problem sometimes. They get to relaxed and then you get what Australia did to us in the World Cup happening. I think the 'new look' team is a way to try out some players more than anything.

So when is the Tri Nations again? (I'm out of touch with it here in Chile)
(Haha! I've dug this post up as an excuse to tell a little - true! -story:...)
Background: My mother's a New Zealander, my father's English and I was born and raised in England - in my very early years shamefully ignorant of rugby matters...
I was about 8 years old and one morning I was telling my mother about a fantastic dream I'd had the previous night. I was running down a ruby pitch with the ball tucked under my arm and no one could get me... It was such a thrilling experience. My mother laughed out loud and said, "Your grandfather was an All Black!" ... For quite a while after that I was walking round thinking my mother had told me that Grandpa had actually been a coloured chap!
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Ha ha ha! That was so funny.

For those that don't know, All Blacks is the name given to the New Zealand Rugby team mainly because the team's uniform is all black though in reality it dates back to around a hundred years ago with a typo in a newspaper reporting a NZ vs England Rugby Game.

Some Rugby team names:

Australia - The Wallabies

South Africa - The Springboks

Argentina - The Pumas

New Zealand - The All Blacks
I´ve got a polo shirt of the Al Blacks!!Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile

I love how they play..Emotion: stick out tongue
Thanks for the interesting extra info, Woodward! Do you know anymore details about that typo in a newspaper - giving rise to the name All Blacks?
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