Hello everyone,

I'm looking for exercises on the web which would help me understand the difference in meaning, and use, between the following intensifiers:

so / so ... that; such / such a ... that; very; too; enough / enough ... to.

Do you know of any other problematic constructions?
Would you please tell me where I can find such exercises?

I have found the following instructions on intensifiers :

“Avoid using so as an intensifier, as in "It's so hot." "So" on its own, where "very" belongs, is a no-no.”

I didn’t understand the last sentence. Would you please explain it to me?

Thanks a lot.
Hello Hela

I'll try only your last question.

"So" on its own, where "very" belongs, is a no-no.
"on its own" =by itself,
"no-no" = something you should not do. (it's a US slang)
"where 'very' belongs" = in the place where you can use 'very'.
You should not use 'so' alone in the place you can use 'very'.

Thanks Paco for your answer.

All the best.