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I would like to see a rule that you cannot post under "anonymous", although I suppose that would not so much be a rule as a tweaking of the site. I think it is fair enough in the other forums where someone may just want to ask one question, but in this forum one can never be sure whether two anons in the same thread are the same person or not. I am not sure why anyone who wants to take part in a serious discussion should feel they need to post as anonymous, when they can, after all, post under any name they like that has not been taken by anyone else.
Hi Forbes.

Many users are teachers who would not necessarily want their private views to carry the added weight in the minds of their students that they might if their views carried their names.
Teachers, I believe, have a responsibility to ensure they do not unduly influence the beliefs of their students on certain matters. They may, however, wish to prompt students to consider certain things the student would not otherwise have considered. By posting anonymously issues can be raised and opinions voiced without carrying the 'authorative' emphasis a teacher's name might impart.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?

It's simply the great to have these rules here.

I agree with Elena and a bit with ronnie too.

Anyone could claim he/she got the majority but it's not the way to any debate, one have to prove it by giving examples, if any scientific reasons,and of sholoras etc.

But must be precise to the subject but must be allowed to post anything but not provoking (hmm, most of the debates provoke,lol).

Any religions, any beliefs but got to have the proof.

And I appreciate EnglishForward for its broaden views and pray for its grand success.

Passionate_freakAnd I appreciate EnglishForward for its broaden views and pray for its grand success.


That's why this forum gets hundreds of new memebers daily.