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I'd say that most of my friends and acquaintances are familiar with FD, and that many of them have read either Crime and Punishment or The Brothers Karamazov (I live in Seattle, WA, USA). It must be great to read FD in the original language.

I used to say that The Brothers Karamazov was my favorite novel, but then I read David James Duncan's The Brothers K, and I was forced to crown a new champion. But...errrrrr....Duncan is American.

Anyway, I saw that some of you recommended The Master & Marguerite -- would you say that that's the best book to start with if someone wants to try out Bulgakov?

I'm from Turkey. Russian Classical Literature are popular in Turkey too. We have to read them in school. I like them
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i would like to say i adore Dostoyevski!...his style is really fluent,just like he is live ,in front of me, right there! [L]
One thing I can confirm for sure - people around the world still enjoy reading "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. As for me, I haven't finished reading it because, I think, this novel is too close to the edge in creating sick ideas...
i had a similar response to lolita. the narrator, a paedophile, is so well-spoken that it made the novel a bit too disarming for me.

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Well, you know Dostoevsky is very Russian writer unlike some others whose writings can be translated to any languages without a loss of style. And some of his writing such as 'Bobok' (by the way the vast majority of Russians would they have no ideas what is it Emotion: big smile) represent a 'stream of consciousness' and it is extremely very difficult to understand in English as well as in Russian. Therefore I am pretty sure he can't be popular somewhere else except Russia
I tried to read "Lolita" for a lot of times, but I can`t say I like it... I thought that maybe I`m too young to understand it, but now Iam rather old to understand it but not to like... I just can`t get the idea and at the same time I am sure that the book has to say smth, to teach... But it is only my view... But I haven`t met a lot of people who can say: "Yes, I liked it". Almost everyone I was talking to was confused...
Hi everybody!

It's a good topic! As for me, I like Dosztojevszkij very much, especially the Crime and punishment is my favourite of his novels. But all of them is fantastic! I think Russian literature is as good as Russian music-classical music. I don't know if you know them.
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hi ,i am Iranian i saw a lot of russian movies. i read about russian literature and russian writers in school.

I like Anton Chekov. but i know Dastayovsky , Ivan Torgneif ( i think one of his book is Fathers and Sons) Maxim Goorki , Tolstoy (Ivan Grozniy )
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