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…once a women said me, that F. M. Dostoevsky is very popular in Great Britain. Since that time, I want to know is it truth? And it is also interesting for me: “Do people from different places of our planet still enjoy Russian Classical Literature?”
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I wouldn't say he was popular in the UK.

People may have heard of him, know he's Russian, but they probably couldn't tell you anything he had written.

I'd probably say that Tolstoy is the most well known Russian author by Brits.

Unfortunately, unlike Russia and the Ukraine, most English people don't view a knowledge of any literature (including English literature) essential to forming the basis of being 'well educated'.
“Do people from different places of our planet still enjoy Russian Classical Literature?”

I know nothing on how Britons consider Russian literature, but in my opinion it is generally highly appreciated. I enjoyed reading The Master & Marguerite by Bulgakov. Still, my knowledge about Russian novels is embarrassing >_<
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yep, as for a Chinese, I've learned a lot of Russian Classical Literatures in my tender age. They're very popular in China I think.
I like Александр Сергеевич Пушкин and Антон Павлович Чехов the most!

And now I'm in France, I've heard hardly anything about that... mostly because I don't know how people call the authors in French... haha my French is still poor~
As far as i know Dostoyevsky is really popular in USA, even Marilyn monroe was obsessed with him and dreamed to play Grushenka. I've heard from many american people that they read Dostoyevsky. Whenever they herd word combination "russian literature" they say "Dostoyevsky" or "Chekhov, Tolstoy". As for me i love Chekhov ;-)
As for me, I don`t like Dosroyevsky... I hardly read some of his works. But Tolstoy and Bulgakov are my favourite writers. I think that russian literature is worth reading all over the world in order to know this life better:)
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I am russian, but, to my great shame, i didn't read Dostoevsky
i am a turkish 17-year-old girl and i love russian literatur.

even,these days i am reading "fathers and sons" by turgenyev !

besides,dostoveyski is the best writer ever for most people in turkey .. for me too Emotion: smile
Hello, I am russian and I am so glad to know that a lots of people from another countries interesting by that. Actually, F. M. Dostoevsky is my favorite, especially I like "Idiot".
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