Hi all!
I'd like to ask people from other countries about Russian films. Did you see any? And I'm interested in your opinion about what you saw.
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i don't believe i've ever seen a russian movie, but i'm really interested in films so if you give me a name i could rent one some time.

Is there a big difference between russian films and films from other european countrys?
I don't know. I opened this thread cuz I wanted to know how are Russian films known in the world Emotion: smile
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well, sorry i don't remember that i've seen any of Russian movies, can u tell us some names ? may be one day i find one?

some one called"Moscow doesn't trust in tears" in my list to serch about, tell us more.
Ok but I don't know how their names sound in Western localisation.
I've just translated following in English:
1. The 9th company
2. Night's patrul
3. My big Armenian wedding
4. Our Russia (a very funny serial)
5. Ivan Vasil'evitch changes profession (everybody MUST see it)
6. New adventures of Shurik
7. Piter-FM
2. Night watch (the correct name) - a fantasy actually.

4. it's not a film actually but a humorous TV show. (I don't know whether it's possible to find it anywherebut Russia)

Numbers 5 and 6 are really good OLD Russian comedies.

I'd rather add "Quiet Flows the Don", the "Island" by Paul Lungin (don't mix it with the Americam film about Clones)
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Thanks for corrections!
I've written in the brackets that the 4th is a serial.
I haven't seen "Quiet flows the Don"
but "The island" is a good movie...
i've searched online at my videostore (i can look up films if they have them so i can rent them) and none of them is there...sorry don't think russian films are very populair here:P
5,6 are old films but they are much more better than modern trash. Those're really funny films. I don't think that their English translations exist. Try to find "Day watch" it's a very popular film (at least in the USA)
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