Sad Loss - If you think your problems are the worst ones – read it.

Long time ago in a far away village a young woman has lost her beloved son, he was only 8, and that poor woman couldn’t accept it. She had a strong heartache – that sadness was killing her. Some years before her son’s death she had lost her husband – but she supported the loss because her little boy - but now she had no husband, no son. She was completely alone in this cruel world. “What to do?” She thought every single day. She cried, she didn’t eat, she was weak, day after day more and more weak. One day she was talking about her sad story with a neighbor that told her in the mountains, near the village, there was an old wise man who could help her – her neighbor sad that man could bring her son from death. She didn’t hesitate and went to find that old man. After a long time she finally met the man and told him about her sad loss. She asked if that her neighbor told her was truth. He said: Maybe I could bring your son back. But first you have to bring me a handful of mustard seeds. She thought for seconds and said: it’s easy – I’ll take it now. When she was leaving the old man poor house he suddenly said: But it isn’t enough, there is just more one thing – you must ask every house you go if there there wasn’t a death – if in the house there was a owner death or servant death you have to go and ask in other house until you find a house that there wasn’t any death. Then she left the man’s house. She was very hopeful. She imagined her son in her arms, she could until feel his smell; cause those thought, tears came from her eyes and rolled to her suffered face. She had no doubts that she would get it. But she couldn’t imagine what was coming.

The young woman spent a day, a week, a month, almost one year in her hard search by went house by house and doing the same request: “May you help me, please?” I need a handful of mustard seeds to my son come back – the people didn’t hesitate and run to the kitchen and brought a handful of mustard seeds – then she asked the second and worst question: Was there some death in this house? From servants or owners? And the answer was always the same: yes. Sometimes people cried a lot after this question causes it remind them a hard loss.

Finally the young woman understand that her hard loss she was suffering a lot wasn’t only her pain – a lot of people had had a loss of a beloved relative too. After that hard journey she started to understand what that old wise man was trying to say.

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I don't think it's fair to minimise one's grief just by comparing it to others. Yes, others do grieve, and so do you. You have to come to terms with things on your own - by accepting what has happened to you as a person, rather than saying, "If he has no family I shouldn't be complaining about losing my child."

I'm not condoning self-pity, but I don't condone ignoring what's true either. Accept that you've lost something or someone you love, and likelier than not you'll lose a lot more, and move on. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

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