Any your opinion about this poem would be appeciated.

You know…
For you to come for me to go…
Oh, let me shine, please let me flow…
I don’t want you to look at me.
Please turn around and you will see…
You’ll see the light, it shines ,you know,
When you just let me be alone,
I am not in need of all your words,
your looks, your smiles, your hints, your shows…

Forget my name, I’ll tell you how:
Just put it down and cross it out:
I don’t consider you a lout,
So, did what I have told about.

I apologize if I somehow gave you the hope for us together
I am telling you I ain’t in love, oh no, with you and that’s forever.
Forgive me if you can and please don’t ask to talk to you.
For what? For love, that cannot be,
for you,
for us,
for me?

My eyes are burning when I see your eyes,
I want to close them but I can’t.
Because your ones are full of highs,
And mine are empty clear blunt…
Oh, poor, can’t you see
They say you aren’t for me…

My skin is burning when you are beside
I got so tired cause I always hide.
I do not need your inner lights,
Forget my name or look aside.

My wings are tight in your strong hold
Unclench your fist, cause I can’t fly
I want to slip out on the sly
Please let me out as I have told…

Forgive my feelings I don’t have
Forgive mistakes I’ve made by now
I hope you can be firm and brave
Forget my name, I told you how.
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thank you:)
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thank u Emotion: smile
nice poem Emotion: smile
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so ~~ nice...

is it your real feeling?

thanks for your sharing~~^^
You remind me tough moments.... I've passed through this,, I know how it feels... Is it the common point we have?? If so,, u're feelings are very well expressed... If not,, you are so creative....

Thank's for sharin' the experience with us...

Write more and more poems,, and at least u'll have us as fans... hard luck...
You are a creative person. I really liked your poem. Tell us when you write more!
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