How do I write a letter for a salary increment? Any help please?

This is also called a request for a salary raise, or a salary increase request.

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can u give me a sample copy of letter of salary increase, my position now is site storekeeper
26 August, 2008

From : Mohammed
Civil Engineer
Employee no. 125

Your boss name
Executive Manager
Company name

sub : Request for Salary increment

Dear sir,

i would like to forward my request for salary increment . i am working in your organization for last 2 years . i have always performed my duty wholeheartedly and never given any chance of complaint. this present circumstances my salary not enough to full fill my livelyhood here and my family and i sincerely request to you my salary increment for my perfomance and oblige. i am always loyal towards my duty and organization.

Hope your great and earliest approval

Sincerely Yours


For More information please send mail for my mail id <email address removed by mod.>
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Pls write a salary increment letter for me
AnonymousPls write a salary increment letter for me
Read this thread and write your own letter, then if you have problems you can post again and ask a specific question.
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Dear Mr. Micawber,

Im working in ths big hospital for 6 yrs now and it was 3rd contract of mine.. now this oct my contract will be finish and I want to make a letter asking how much they will increase to my salary because im only receiving 2300 Sr and all my expenses was increased. If they dont have good offer ill better go total exit and find for a good job who have good offer. But since im comfortable enough to work in this company and I became Nurse manager for 2 yrs now and i manage well the ER Department, i still want to consider the renewal of my contract if they will offer me a good increment..

Thanks a lot Mr Micawber.. be appreciate if you could offer best words or wordings for my letter..

I want to write a letter how to write a letter about my salary increasement
Please write your letters and post them here. We will correct them.
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thank you..
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