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Dear Sir,

As you all know that i had been asking for my salary increment , because now my family is with me & rent of my room is also very high which i feel difficult to adjest with my salary. i am really working hard for the up bring of our company, i do all the work which is told to me to do , though it is not the work of an sales representative .

thank you,

your suncerly
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Dear Sir,

I would like to request a salary increment, because now my family is with me and the rent of my room is also very high. These matters are difficult to handle with my existing salary.

I am really working hard for the benefit of our company. I do all the work which I am told to do, though it is not always the work of a sales representative .

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

I hope you get the increment. Emotion: smile

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hello dis ernest,i want my boss to incres my salary cuz of my transportation expencis and food alowance pls i want u to help me for the full details. thanks
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Ernest, you write the letter. We help you make it better. Just write what you would say in person if you were talking to the person.
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hi clive,

i would like to ask our management for an salary increment as i completed one year and all expensess have been increased compared to last please advise me how to write an increment letter mentioning these things

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29th December 2007

Mr. Ragaey Abdel Hadi

Project Manager

Jumeirah Village II – Infrastructure


Subject : Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

I am working in your esteemed organization since 1-July-2006 as an Office Engineer.

I believe that that I have done my job well to the best of my ability & my skills are improved in the above mentioned time.

Now I am getting AED 3000/- as my monthly salary. I would like to request you for an appreciable salary increment for my performance.

Hoping for your kind attention and favorable consideration.

Truly Yours,

(Office Engineer)

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Hey Its simple...

email to your boss as follows

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the pay increment. I would continue to work hard and ensure that the company's objectives and targets are being met.

Thank you and best regards
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I didn't know that there's a salary letter. Now i know

but this is not applicable to all companies right ?
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Dear Sir

I would like to request the Management of (Name of Company) to consider me for a salary increament.

Cost of living has become too high with the price increase of petrol and food, really has put a strain in my earnings. I am prepared to take more responsibility should i be expected to. I will continue to be the valued, hard working, committed, reliable and honest employee as i've always been.

i look forward to the management's positive response.

yours sincerley

Sipho (Ntabi) Taule
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