How do I write a letter for a salary increment? Any help please?

This is also called a request for a salary raise, or a salary increase request.

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one day i rembered that i wrote this type of letter and i got a reponse from my boss. really if you write good letter you will get what you like.

kind regards

i need a salary increment letter format
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There are plenty on this thread. Read it.

I would start like, Good morning sir, can i have a minute of your time, please.
If you are looking for advice on how to write a salary increment letter, please look at the examples and comments given earlier in this thread.

This thread is now locked. Please start a new thread with your draft of your letter and we will give you advice. If you do not provide us with a draft and want us to write the letter for you, your post with that request will be deleted.

You can also read this important notice .

Thank you.
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