How do I write a letter for a salary increment? Any help please?

This is also called a request for a salary raise, or a salary increase request.

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Dear sir


i would like to ask for increment, the reason being, i worked for this company for a period of a year and my probation passed six months ago. I believe i deserve an increase because i am a hard worker and peform all the duties as expected.

How to write increment letter to my boss, means i already recived the letter, but am un happy, thats why, plz send .....
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i would like to bring to your notice that i am working with this company for last two years so i would like to request you to increase my salary
i am 1 year on july 16 in my company and i would like to request a salary increment.
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Respected Madam,

It has been great opportunity working with you in Anand International School. Before this academic year start I want firm assurance for the following concerns.

  1. Confirmation Letter from June.

  2. Compensation for working in Summer Vacation. (One month salary )

  3. School Bus facility .

  4. Salary on time i.e. on the specified date(5th of the month).

  5. Increment in the salary as I handled various In-charge ships last academic year.
Please kindly look into this matter on urgent bases. Not considering any point will be assumed as termination of contract from your side.

Yours sincerely


SIR this month of june 17 is already finished my cotract im already three year here, so that matter i write this letter to increase my salary becouse it has been very difficult to meet my daily to daily needs..hope yon understand my situation .. your helf is very needed and appreceated,,

thank you for kind and concdiration .. your affroval is i really is really highly appriciated

sincerely your's

noraya laguindab

staff nurse

I have been with your renowned company since xyz2006 I have already forwarded three letters to review and consider my salary appraisal.

This is for your kind consideration for the requested. Please note that, I shall not be a burden to the company, if so my presence shall not bother you any more.

Do note that I have never received answer to any of my previous correspondence with you. I expect that, at least this time, I will come to know about the intention of the company in this regard.

Waiting for your response at the earliest
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I have been with your renowned company since xyz 2006. I have already forwarded two letters to review and consider me for salary appraisal.

Keeping in view, the work I performed in the last years, my skills and abilities, consider me for the requested.
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