How do I write a letter for a salary increment? Any help please?

This is also called a request for a salary raise, or a salary increase request.

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Dear Sir,

With due respect, I humbly like to bring a request for salary increment. I am working as a HSE Supervisor in our company and I have successfully implemented the HSE Procedure for the interest of our company. From my small salary and day by day increasing the living cost, I am facing very difficult to maintain my families cost and white collar status. I am confident that I have put in my best effort during the last few months in contributing to the project team and my skills are improved during this period. I would like to be considered for an increase in salary at this time. I have been sincerely dedicated and continuing hard-work for our company.

According to my commitment to the job and as well as experience and sincerity. So, may I now request you to consider my case for an increment to 4,000 as promotion HSE Officer, as you are aware of my family circumstances?

I hope you will take a favorable view and I feel confident that the management will be generous in recognizing and rewarding my merit.

I'm looking forward to a favorable response from you.
i been working from my company fr more than 10 years.i want my boss to increase my salary
i am paid 155 per day.which is not enough for my living.
i hope you will help me to write a salary increment letter.

thank you..
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I mr.rajesh, working as a operator since jan’07,considering cost of leaving (food,accomodation)in , requesting your good office for salary increment.

yours faithfully

I mr.rajesh, working as a operator since jan’07,considering cost of leaving in , requesting your good office for salary increment.

yours faithfully

can you please help me also and guide me to make an increment letter for our employees, thanks and best regards
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Hello Sir,
I am An Administrative Assistant of the company and my boss is asking me to make an Increment Letter to be issued for one of our staff.
Can you please help me for the format and contents of the letter.
I'm looking forward to your assistance.
Thank you and Best Regards,
Dear sir ,
I have been working athuruga Island resort for 08 months.

It is very dificult to manage my life with this small salary because I am a married man with two kids.

If you could revice my salry i would be very much apriciate..

Thank you
i would like to talk to you regarding my salary. been working here for the past 9 years and my salary is still quite low compare to the newly employed. considering the work load that we have and shortage of staff within our dept i think we need to have a decent raise
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Dear Sir,

Since June 19, 2006 I have been employed as a Draughtsman in GC Marine and I completed two (2) years last 19th of June. I have carried out all my duties and responsibilities and I have shown my interest and eagerness in my work. My starting salary is AED 2,000, plus 500 accommodation and 500 other allowances. However, due to the high cost of living and basic needs today here in UAE and want to give additional financial support to my family in the . For this, I am asking a favor to grant me increment in my salary.

I shall be glad whatever kindness you could offer to me.

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