Please find below the drafted salary increment letter. Kindly provide me feedback /comments to improve the letter.

With due respect I hereby request your kind consideration to provide a good increment in my salary and change my agreement granting yearly vacation.

I am working in this esteemed organization since 26 Jun 07 (more than 2½ years) and successfully completed my first contract of two years duration. Almost all engineers are having yearly vacation facility and I am also requesting the same yearly vacation facility which is very necessary for recreation purpose.

Presently I am working in Royal Commission Contract # 071-C13 as a QA/QC Electrical Engineer, performing all related duties up to the satisfaction of client and our senior engineers/Managers. Additionally, I am also involved in site activities supervising/monitoring installation of Panels in , GIS equipment & others, jointly with site Superintendent/Engineer. It gives me an immense pleasure to specify that the managers have shown faith in me and awarded these responsibilities considering my interest and capabilities.

I am working in this project right from beginning and gone through all different phases of project including Design, Procurement, Mobilization and Site Construction, contributing all my knowledge, efforts & hard work towards the progress of the project.

I request you to change my salary and grant me new salary of SR 6500/-. I am looking forward to continue working for the welfare of the organization and requesting your kind support & consideration. Hope you will take my request positively and grant me salary increment.

Expecting your early reply/acceptance.

Thank you for your supportive consideration.

Can some one send letter of salary incerment for my staff

To all staff members:

Starting tomorrow, you will all receive a 25% salary increment.

Yours sincerely,

Can some one send letter of salary incerment for my staff
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Kindly change the word "FAITH" to Confidence. Re-prhase the sentence..."working for the welfare". Instead, ..."for the accomplishment of our project"...

Emphasize the I, as you are the one requesting for incrrease/increment.

Omit the word supportive as you already used it in the previous paragraph.