As a refresher to many, what is the difference in usage between sale and sell? I have become accustomed to using substitute words such as move, or distribute, because they are much easier to remember when it comes to grammer.
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"Sale" is a NOUN meaning "the act of selling

"Sell" is a VERB meaning to sell, or exchange something for money or other goods.
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"Sell" can also be a noun:

1. a deliberate deception: hoax

2. the act or an instance of selling

and a couple of more obscure ones. Check out Webster

I sell cars.

My last sale was yesterday.

The verb is "to sell."
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1. Our company sells electronics.

2. We are the leading company in the sales of electronics

3. I work in the sales department

4. Electronics sell well in China. (Not sales)

5. I am a salesperson. (Not 'I am a sales' commonly used these days)

NB: There is another word, 'sail' that adds to the confusion.
I see this ALL the time on social networking sites, and it is extremtly annoying.

Sell is a verb, meaning the action that one is taking, what one is doing, or what one has done.

"Are you going to sell your car?"

"The girls are selling cupcakes to raise money for their trip."

"Claire plans to sell her home before she gets married."

Sale is a noun; used to identify an actual thing.

"I bought these shoes on sale."

"My mother plans to have a garage sale this weekend."

"Could you pass me the sale papers, please?"

"My brother plans on selling his baseball cards in the rummage sale."
Sell is a verb. The past is sold.

Mary sells books.
John sold his house.
Apple sells iPhones.

Sale is a noun.

The books are on sale.
The house is for sale.
The sales of houses in our city are higher than last year.
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Is it correct to say " we sale "
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