Article I found a new word in the above article.
Pre-sales manager

From what I read in this article, it might be a merchandising manager.
Is this usage of presales common in English-speaking countries?
I think so

I've never heard that term.

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The Boston Jobbank - Page 131
edited by Adams Media Corporation Staff - Business & Economics - 2005 - 320 pages

Positions advertised include: QA Engineer; Software Engineer; Technical Trainer,
JAVA/Domino Consultant; Content Management Consultant; Pre-Sales Manager. ...
I've never heard that either.
Pre-Sales the job description

ABN, acquisition, Airways, America, Amro, analysis, Application, Architect , Asset, Assurance, Bank, Banque, BAT, ... description. Responsibilities of a Pre-Sales Manager: ...'

GCS Recruitment - pre sales manager
Job Description: ... on behalf of our client for a Pre-Sales Manager who will be based in Basingstoke. ... The Role: The Pre-Sales Manager is responsible for ...
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Thank you all!
I have no idea but It may be so new a term that natives have never heard of it or may be not. It's somewhat interesting that it is used (quite a lot) in ads in Kuala Lumpur.
If I encountered the situation where I had to understand this term, I'd remember Marius said I think so.
MH - can you include the parts that actually show what these duties ARE? The fact that it's apparently used doesn't change the fact that I've never heard it, so I'd be curious to see what a pre-sales manager actually does.