What is the difference in usage between the following phrases? Could you please give examples as well? Thanks.

The same goes with...
The same goes for...
Please supply sentences and then we can judge.
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The rule doesn't apply to children. The same goes for senior citizens.

Can we also use 'with' instead of 'for' above?
I am honestly not sure about how to use 'same goes with'. That's why I'm asking about how to use it and would like an example if you could please give one.

'Goes for' = applies to. Children are not allowed and that goes for senior citizens, too.

'Goes with' = matches; is compatible with. Your hat goes with your suit.
OK, that makes sense to me now. Thank you so much for your help.
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Same goes for other repeated seat numbers

Same goes for me!
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I'm so glad I found this forum. I was in the middle of writing a Facebook status and wasn't sure if it sounded right. My status goes like: 'I know people that have never changed their Facebook profile pictures since 2010. Same goes for WhatsApp and Instagram."

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