Do you know of any letter writing software. I need help on How to write a simple appology letter and I want to print on professional letter writing paper.


P.S. No, I do not need apology love letter but business apology letter Emotion: wink
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Your question is a little vague, but here's one my girlfriend wrote to a retail shop (She had forgotten to pay a small bill)

Dear NAME,

We are terribly sorry for the time it has taken to settle this bill and your difficulties in contacting us.

We just want to write a quick note to apologise for the above. We realise we have caused you an inconvenience and have enclosed the full amount with an additional *** pounds as a small gesture in appreciation of your patience in this matter.

Please accept our sincere apologies,
I just found free stuff on the net and I can’t resist adding an example of an apology letter. The other letters here aren’t too bad at all.

Apology Letter... A business apology letter can be key to keeping customers.

Sample Apology Letter

(print business Apology Letter on corporate letterhead paper)

June 28, 2003

Ms. Rebecca Winston
2595 Dewdrop Circle
Unit No. 29
Birmingham, AL 35233

Dear Ms. Winston:

The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to the installation
of your Internet high speed service.

I just returned from vacation this week and found your file in my in-basket. As soon as I reviewed your case it was clear that somehow your May 20th request
for a change in service had somehow slipped through the cracks. The only possible explanation I can give is that we have recently had a number of key staff
changes which might have resulted in your letter being overlooked.

Consequently, I have directed our Installation Group to contact you by the end of this week to set up a time convenient to you when they could go to your
house and install your new router and make the necessary adjustments to your software.

Because of this serious oversight, and as a testament to our appreciation of you as our customer, we are going to provide you with your first three months
of high speed service free of charge. Therefore, your account will not be billed until October of this year.

Ms. Quinlan, let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of CableNet's level of customer service. We continue to be committed to providing
you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 754-9785.

Yours in service,

Paul Cordero
Manager, Customer Solutions
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I wonder whether you have endeavoured to peruse the wonderful announcement.
I too, am in need of an apology letter pertaining to theft and or dishonest behavior. If anyone can give guidance on how to go about writing a letter that expresses the deepest feeling of regret and also will convey the intent for total correction of situations that lead to such behavior, I would be most appreciative.
Folks, you need to post your attempts at your letter and then we'll help. Or you can hire me at my freelance rates to write for you. But if you want free help, we all do this as volunteers, and we want to see your honest effort first.
Go back and read MM's announcement, given in the link a few posts up.
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I apologize not because I am wrong but because I value our relationship more than my ego.

I apologize not because I am wrong but because I value our relationship more than my ego.

I don't consider this to be a real apology.

Hi I apology cas, I have had a bit weakness (on duty) and from now on it would not be like past.Kind RegardsMaroofkhan
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