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This is my first time in post a question, and, honestly, i dont know how this works... So, i need a little of help for anyone who their native language is english. I´va been doing my resume but i am not quite sure if i have used the correct words and if it is clear. I´d really appreciate any help you can give me.

This is the resume:


I am very interested in working at XX, and, I do believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for any position in this company and I am willing to hear any work and / or training purpose.

While working towards my degree in Geology and after completed it at The Caldas University, (2. 000.) I had the opportunity to work in INGEOMINAS as geologist resistivity data interpretation for 2 years; some time after I entered in the oil sector working in xxx during 5 years. At first, I started as geologist mud logger in several projects that gave to me strong experience background of analysis and as a Data Engineer and Oils.Gradually I moved up to a cabina’s header and WELL CONTROL, which I am doing myself nowadays.

Likewise, I have completed several courses in mud and analyzing methods, and I have just finished a Basic Course for supervisors in WELL CONTROL. My last trainig was in well control and drilling parameters control, which is very similar at your system.

I possess the skill to develop national and international projects and to handle simultaneous tasks; I am ready to work in a team and I have sufficient criteria and knowledge for making decisions in difficult situations, under pressure and in hostile environments. I am an analytical person, with good interpersonal relations,happy and adaptable according to the situation, dedicated, innovative, honest, responsible, capable of communicating easily, with capacity of leadership and enthusiast to the new challenges. I am excellent at managing computer’s programs such as ANNAX and QNX.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, I worked in many Colombians wells as a cabina´s header that allows me to have a strong knowledge of the Colombian sedimentary. I am confident that my Geology degree, along with my years in oil industry experience, makes me an excellent candidate for any position.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss a position with you and I will contact you in a week to answer any questions you may have and to see if you need any further information from me.

Thank you for your consideration.


unfortunately the text you had posted is not a resume but a covering letter. Your resume should contain the follow items:

Personal Details


et cetera.


2001-2004 degree in
1999-2001 degree in

Working experience



Under this circumstances I hesitate with the correction of your 'resume'.

As Kathrin said this is more of a cover letter format than a real Resume format. If you still need a good Resume your first step should be concentrating on the actual advert or job post from the company you want to apply for. Please, read and highlight carefully all requirements and make sure that you have collected all relevant data from your employment and educational history.

Since you did not have any pauses in between two job positions in the past, you can easily start writing your Resume using Chronological format. This format unmistakably shows your work record and professional development and it starts from the most recent experience going chronologically backwards through a succession of previous experience.

Looking at your career you should definitely begin with your Personal Information writing your name, surname, address, telephone number and email. These are basic contacts details nowadays, but if you think that there are other ways that the employer can actually contact you write that information, too.

Beside Personal Information any Resume usually contains three basic headings:
- Objective,
- Working Experience
- Educational Background

But remember, writing a resume and being relevant to the job position that you are applying for is being accurate in all parameters needed for that job position. That is why, if there are any, you should list all your awards, publications, community/voluntary service, special achievements, certifications or anything else that is again relevant to the job position you are applying for.

Objective is simply there to describe general aim on the type of the industry or company that you would like to work in. On the other hand it should explain how an employer would benefit from hiring you and it has to show why you are qualified for particular position.

List all your Working Experience staring from the most recent one. And at the end list your relevant Educational Background in brief with the name of your college/school, city where is the college/school, year of your graduation, degree and field of study again starting from the last one.

Before you start writing your resume I would like to give you some practical advices:
- Be clear in your vocabulary,
- Be optimistic showing incentive,
- Avoid grammar errors and low quality paper,
- When you are printing your Resume, always use the best quality paper. It can be from 50gsm up to 100gsm. Do not use glossy paper! Use only mat paper. Keep your printed version away from damages.

Hope this was of help to you!

Good luck!

Rade Santrac
Resume and CV Writer
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Hi Rade,

I tried to load your link but it isn't available. Do you know that?

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Hi Kathrin,
I have arranged and you can try now. It should work.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Best regards,

Rade Santrac
Resume and CV Writer
Hi Rade,

this time every thing is fine. Thank you for the interesting page.

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SantracHi Kathrin,

I have arranged and you can try now. It should work.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Best regards,

Rade Santrac
Resume and CV Writer

you are so kind of people,best wish to you!Emotion: smile