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The following link gives you some information on how native speakers can sound different to each other:

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Thank you very much, LanguageLover.

THey're just exactly what I'm looking for.Emotion: smile
Hey, LL - that's pretty interesting. The female from Birmingham, England did not have a Brummie accent though, and the others were not extreme - just a twang, but still interesting.
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You know, if they had a larger database .... But it is still interesting. I also was looking for the Irish accent that I like, Day Lwis in In the Name of the Father, it was close to strabane, but still different!

If you go to the accent page, you'll see different nationalities, whose second language are English, also utter the same paragraph, and there is an analysis based on the data to determine which second language speakers have which pronunciation problems when talking English.

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That's really interesting, LanguageLover! I've just recently become interested in all of the different English accents and this really strikes my fancy. Emotion: smile

Number 2 does not have a Birmingham accent at all.
Number 57 has.
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OK, guys, here's a treat for you. ME!

Thanks Sarah, the area of your interests is getting bigger and bigger, though I thought it was big enough for your age before. Enjoy your life and good luck with everything,
Thanks a lot, LanguageLover! It means a lot....

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