Hi, I would like the exactly meanings of these expressions in these sentences:
'Sasha inmediately objected when Glenn kept his piano score closed and told Sasha he was using to playing everything from memory...(...) As for his using the score, Glenn brought it with him into the concert hall and SAT ON IT'
(So, did he play with the score before of him?)
It was all very romantic playing (...). And so i was just BOWLED OVER'
Thanks in advance, jo.
Hello, Anon,

I think he played without his score, as he was sitting on it.

Here's a definition for "bowl over" (Cambridge): to surprise or please someone a lot
When we first visited Crete we were just bowled over by its beauty. [usually passive]
I was bowled over by him - I'd never met anyone so devastatingly attractive.

I think the second fits your sentence

Hi guys,

You are looking at the figurative meaning of 'bowled over'. Looking at the underlying physical meaning of an expression is often a good way to increase your understanding. 'To bowl something over' means to knock it down.

The attractive woman bowled me over means that when I saw her, the effect on my mind was just like she had knocked me down.

Best wishes, Clive
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I think "sat on it" is to be taken literally here i.e. the guy put the score on his seat and then sat on it.
"Bowled over" => to be extremely surprised, here I understand it as "overwhelmed, deeply moved and impressed by".

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