Oliver: The hex made all of you realize what you really want.
Makes me wish I had my turn at the magic lamp too.
Chloe: I'll save you the heel blisters. She'll save him the rubbing of the lamp?
You already know what you really want.
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Was it a long walk?

You get a blister on your heel when you walk a long way in shoes that don't fit property.
There was no walk. Just a hex that granted everyone a wish.
And Oliver was the one who didn't make a wish. So isn't Chloe saying this figuratively
as in I'll save you the trouble?
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This is kind of a stretch, but could she be referring to the famous "click your heels together three times" in the Wizard of Oz?

Could you tell me if this phrase about the heel blisters fits this context:

You can run twenty miles to the store to buy some alcoholic beverages to throw a party but I can save you the heel blisters and let you borrow mine from my cellar.

Thanks !
Where was the lamp while this converation was going on?!

Another thought: maybe Cole was reffering to the thinking process. Thinking hard to get the answer you need is like walking for miles and miles towards some goal.

Crazy me
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Maybe I didn't explain it right. Zatanna is a hex (a witch if you prefer).
And she granted everyone's wish except for Oliver's because he didn't have
any wishes. Chloe's wish was to understand how her cousin Lois is so good at
reporting so Zatanna turned her into her cousin Lois for a day. Another victim of
Zatanna was Clark Kent who wanted to find out what could have been if he was
just a plain reporter living a normal life.

Oliver: Ready?
Chloe: Ready as you are.
Oliver: Chloe. This will mean leaving your old life as a reporter behind.
You sure you want to say goodbye to that forever?
Chloe: You know, yesterday I wouldn't have been able to answer that question.
But after spending the day at the Daily Planet, I realized... that's someone else's life.
Oliver: It's interesting. Everyone seems to have so much clarity after a dose of the Zatanna dust.
It almost makes me wish I had my turn at the magic lamp, too. He clearly refers to Zatanna.

Chloe: I'll save you the heel blisters. So does she mean she'll save him the trouble of finding out the hard way?
You already know what you really want.
We all do. We just don't listen.
There are several parallels to the Wizard of Oz story here. At the end of that book/ movie, the "wizard" has granted a wish to each of Dorothy's traveling companions, but he is unable to grant her wish - to go back home to Kansas. Then Glinda, the Good Witch, appears and tells Dorothy that she's always had the power to go back home, but that she had to "learn it for herself." All she has to do now is click the heels of the magic red slippers together three times and repeat "There's no place like home."

In addition to the wishes-granted parallel, there's the idea of learning to be content with your lot in life, and the idea of seeking something that you already have. But, as I said, it's a bit of a stretch from "heel blisters" to the red shoes.
Oh, so that kind of heel blisters. Thanks, D!
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