Hallo folks,

I have been chatting in chat for a while with user Natalli., but this is not my concern.

When the mentioned user says good-bye, such phase appears "See you when we see...".

Generally, this is like saying "untill the next time" but in your own way. The phrase attracted my attention as it is obviously incomplete.

How would this phase look complete and correct? Could this be "See you when we see each other again" or "See you when we meet"?

I'm looking forward for suggestions.

tolerance good-bye
tolerance"untill the next time"
tolerance"See you when we meet"?
These are all the phrases we say when we depart from someone. Personally, for a chat environment, they seem a bit too serious or should I say " stiff ". I would use more casual phrases like: "Chat again soon.." or "catch you later".
dimsumexpress, thanks.

Would you agree that the pharse "See you when we see..." is not complete?
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I won't bother with that one!Emotion: sad