Hey all! I came across with a question. It seems odd.

...... do they begin to build for us, ..... there come in the night other black people, from Pimville, and they ..... put up their houses of sack and grass.

A- Scarcely/ than/ also
B- Both/ and/ as well
C- Hardly/ when/ neither
D- Just/ as/ also
E- No sooner/ than/ too

I would pick A however rare the usage of "scarcely...than", yet the answer key says E is the correct choice. What is your comment.
You need a word relating to time for the first space so E is the only option.
Thanks Nona. What I couldn't get is that mustn't we use "too" by means of "also" within comma?

An example: Three experts came to the conclusion that the project had to be terminated at once. I, too, finally realized the project was too dangerous to proceed.